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The Department of Conservation Biology was designed from inception as a course to promote discourse, interest and research in the field of conservation, wildlife, forestry and Biodiversity. The importance of this field cannot be justified enough in these times and especially in India.

The need for such a course was recognized by wildlife conservation organizations in the 1970s. There have been several important milestones in the brief history of planning and implementation of this M.Sc. course. The first one came in the form of a national symposium on “The Role of University Teaching in Wildlife” hosted by the Wildlife Institute of India (WII) and the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) at Aligarh in early 1986. Conservation Biology has been an important course taught at various levels outside India for many years now. Our target is to promote this hard research in our geographical area. There are other institutions that have existed or grown up in recent years to tackle the same problem. Some of these are central universities, some promoted by bodies such as WII or TIFR, and some are Private Universities. But there are no such programs taught in the eastern region of the country.The M.Sc. course in Conservation Biology at Durgapur Government College under the University of Burdwan was introduced in the year 2007(G.O. : FC(S)/PG/Adm/21/2007-08/107 dated: 09/08/2007) to impart training in the field of Conservation Science and to further the cause of wildlife conservation in India and elsewhere. This course under the University of Burdwan was serving as a “Model Course” to train conservation biologists in India. The Department along with Durgapur Government College transferred its affiliation to KaziNazrul University, Asansol in 2015 (G.O.: 613-Edn(U)/1U (KNU) – 11/13 dt. 23.06.2015 and DGC/15/469/Prayer dt. 23/07/2015)

Durgapur Govt. College is perfectly suitable for this subject being taught here since the students of this subject have to visit and learn field study of various ecological systems like forests, marine, riverine, lake, paddy field, Industrial City, villages, towns, mountains etc. and we have all of these within a day’s journey. In addition we can have experts from local environmental NGOs, Forest Departments and various organizations visit Durgapur Govt. College since travelling to and from Durgapur is very easy. Finally the Durgapur Govt. College has a very big campus and a large part of it is untouched and can act as local field where the students can learn how to perform various practical works before they go to the real forests.After its establishment in 2007, the department has endeavored to inculcate in its student the philosophy of conservation and has taken students on field trips to places like Ranthambore, Kanha, Doars, Digha,Manas,Sunderbans etc. Students have been motivated enough to pursue Ph. D. in the same field and DrDebnathPalit, Former Head of Conservation Biology  (from 2011 to 2014), has 06 students enrolled for PhD of which 04 students are already awarded the doctoral degree. Various major and minor projects funded by DST, West Bengal have been run from this department. The students and faculty of the department have carried out Biodiversity analysis of Gorpanchkot, Panchet Hills as a part of EIA study on request of Mr. JayantaMoitra (M.D., EMTRC) an NGO based in New Delhi.

Courses: The Department offers Post-graduate course under the affiliation of Kazi Nazrul University, Asansol. Graduates in Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Biochemistry and other relevant subjects can apply for the course.

Resources: Departmental Library consists of 72 textbooks, 402 reference books, PhD thesis and other dissertations. There are 03 laboratories (one shared with central facility unit)equipped with instruments like spectrophotometer, colorimeter, mini centrifuge, ph meter, TDS meter, Multiparameter tester, Conductimeter, BOD unit, refrigerators, Gel Apparatus for DNA & Protein analysis, Transilluminator, Kjeldahl setup, micro-Kjeldahl setup, Digital Camera, Range Finder, Distance meter, Binoculars, GPS receiver, Sound meter, Lux meter, Camera microscope, other light and compound microscope and other equipment that are essential for field collection of live samples. The Department is equipped with computer, printer and LCD Projector facilities.

Other initiatives: Know your campus drive was organised by the Department in collaboration with the Zoology Department and IQAC.Students participated in the Global Backyard Birdcount in February 2017.Five Students from the department participated in the State level Synchronised Elephant Census held in 9th to 12th May 2017, organised by the Durgapur Forest Division. The students and faculty of the department have carried out Biodiversity analysis of Gorpanchkot, Panchet Hills as a part of EIA study on request of Mr. Jayanta Moitra (M.D., EMTRC) an NGO based in New Delhi.

Recent events organized by the department:

Seminar (15.02.2017)on Bird Survey and Wildlife Photography

Seminar (26.09.2018) on Threatened Animals of India

Seminar (10.10.2018)on Nooks and Perils of Wildlife Conservation

Open House Discussion ((18.05.2017) on the topic of Environmental Awareness to celebrate the World Environment Day on 5thJune, 2017 at the Library Seminar Hall.

Special Lecture (25.01.2017)Speaker: Amit Kr. Dey, Research Biologist, BNHS, Assam; Topic: Vulture Conservation

Special Lecture (20.03.2017) Speaker:Avisake Chakraborty, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Zoology, Mohanpur Govt. College; Topic: Extinction and Metapopulation

Special Lectures (18.01.2017 to 19.04.2017) Speaker: Sagar Adhurya, Research Scholar, Visva-bharati University; Topic: Ecological Modelling using STELLA

Special Lecture (29.08.2017) Speaker: Mr. Milan Mondal, DFO, Durgapur; Topic: Wildlife and Biodiversity

Special Lecture (06.09.2017)Speaker: Saikat Sarkar, Asst. Prof., P. G. Dept. of zoology, Jhargram Raj College; Topic: Snake Awareness

Special Lecture (06.09.2017) Speaker: Raunaq Ghosh, Research Biologist, BNHS, Assam; Topic: Virtual Lecture on Basics of Wetlands

Special Lecture (13.09.2017) Speaker: RajNarayan Saha, Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, NIT-Durgapur; Topic: Wastewater Management

Special Lectures (11.10.2017 – 09.01.2018) Speaker: Sagar Adhurya, Research Scholar, Visva-bharati University; Topic: Ecology

Special Lecture (16.11.2017) Speaker: Sudin Pal, D.S. Kothari fellow, Dept. of Chemical engineering, Jadavpur University; Topic: Wetlands – A Biological Supermarket

Special Lecture (04.12.2017) Speaker: Avisake Chakraborty, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Zoology, Mohanpur Govt. College; Topic: Wildlife Corridors

DST-Government of West Bengal sponsored national seminar (26-27 March 2019) on "Contemporary Era of Sciences: Biological and Chemical Interface' organized by Departments of Botany, Chemistry, Conservation Biology, and Zoology.

Students achievements (2017-2019):

Pavel Ghosh: All India 2nd in Season Watch Winter Tree Quest Organized by NCBS & NCF in 2018

Poulomi Sengupta: Third prize in poster presentation (Students' category) in National level conference on “Contemporary Era of Science” (Organized by Dept. of Botany, Chemistry and Conservation Biology, Sponsored by DST-Govt. of West Bengal)on 26-27 March 2019

Students' progression (2016 to 2018):

1.       Pourani Ghosh (2016-2018) is teaching fraternity under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana Scheme.

2.       Morali Biswas (2016-2018) is pursuing B.Ed.from The University of Burdwan

3.       Ankita Chakraborty (2016-2018) is pursuing B.Ed.from Vidyasagar University

4.       Pavel Ghosh (2015-2017 batch), University Gold medalist is pursuing B.Ed. from the University of Burdwan

5.       Bibek Misra (2015-2017 batch) is working as Assistant Manager at Paschim Banga Gramin Bank

Faculty Members:


Name of Faculty Designation View Details

Dr. Moitreyee Banerjee Chakrabarty
Assistant Professor and Head

Nazma Khatun
Assistant Professor

Dr. Tapajit Bhattacharya
Assistant Professor

Dr. Sandip Majumder
Assistant Professor

Dr. Rajib Biswas
Assistant Professor

Sanghamitra Sanyal
Part Time Teacher