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Department of Geology



Professor Pratip Kumar Mukherjee, the founder Principal of Durgapur Government College, being an eminent Earth Scientist took the initiative to introduce Geology teaching programme in this college. In the year 1972 the dream finally came true, and the Department started its journey as an undergraduate teaching department under the stewardship of Professor Gauri Shankar Ghatak. As a recognition to the successful teaching performance over a decade the Department was upgraded to the status of the Postgraduate Department of the Burdwan University (the then affiliating University) in 1983, and is presently the Postgraduate Geology Department of Kazi Nazrul University, Asansol. In the year 2004 the department came under the FIST Programme of the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. Since its inception, this department has been blessed with batches of brilliant students. Consistent good performance of the students in the University examinations and national level competitive examinations bears the signature of the academic standard of the Department. Congenial work culture blended with enthusiasm of the young brigade and experience of the senior faculty members plays the key role in the development of the Department.

Besides the conventional class-room teaching, the students are exposed to the real time problems during their compulsory field training programmes. The students are always encouraged for regular peer discussion, which helps them in identification of their own gaps in understanding. The beginners are introduced to the real life experiences of an Earth Scientist and different aspects of the subject through film shows. This helps in developing interest about the subject in the juvenile minds. The department also organizes finishing school to impart professional training to the final year postgraduate students.
A student organization, Association for the Culture of Earth Sciences (ACES) was founded on 8th February, 1989 mainly to encourage the juvenile minds to explore different aspects of Earth Sciences beyond the formal framework of academic curriculum. Geolozine, the biennial journal of the Association provides the budding geologists of this department with a platform for expressing their ideas. The students are specially trained in the procedure of writing research and review articles; are also exposed to the concept of plagiarism, the most serious intellectual offence. This process of generating creative content not only introduces them to the art of critical reading of books and research publications but also exposes to research, another career option.
The department is committed to disseminate the best possible education to its students, and always try to do justice to its reputation. Achieving a target cannot be the destination, this department believes in fixing new target to move forward.

Courses: The Department offers undergraduate honours course and postgraduate course in Applied Geology. The curriculum and syllabus of all courses is under the affiliation of Kazi Nazrul University, Asansol

Resources: The department is committed to facilitating access to the information resources needed by the students and the members of faculty. The Department has developed a seminar library supplementary to the Central Library of the College for partial fulfilment of this objective. At present the collections of the seminar library include 379 books on 258 titles, and 136 issues of 19 journals. Both reading and lending facilities are extended to the stakeholders. 

The computer laboratory of the Department is equipped with nine desktop computers, three monochrome LaserJet (A4) printer, one RGB LaserJet (A3) printer and two flatbed scanners. Due to lack of adequate space two high resolution petrological microscopes (one with photomicrographic attachment and display screen), one precision balance and one mirror stereoscope with parallax bar are also housed in the same laboratory. The Micropaleontology Laboratory is equipped with five stereozoom microscopes. A rock thin section laboratory, equipped with two rock cutters, two rock grinders, one automatic thin section cutter, impregnator, petrobond and necessary peripherals provides the basic infrastructure for thin section preparation. A new laboratory is being set up for processing of rock samples for geochemical analyses. One rock crusher has already been installed and a vibratory cup mill expected to be procured shortly on availability of fund. Muffle furnace, hot-air oven, water distillation plant, rho-tap sieve shaker are the other equipment for regular use of the postgraduate students. Besides these specialized laboratories, one equipped laboratory is there for the routine practical classes for microscopic studies of rocks and minerals. The geological museum dedicated in the name of Professor P.K. Mukherjee, the founder Principal and eminent Earth-scientist has been set up in the department, there is a plan to develop a repository of type rock specimens of India.

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Faculty members


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Dr. Prabir Dasgupta
Associate Professor and Head

Siddhartha Sankar Rej
Associate Professor

Subrata Ghosh
Associate Professor

Dr. Supratim Pal
Associate Professor

Dr. Prabal Kumar Chattopadhyay
Assistant Professor

Bikas Saha
Assistant Professor

Dr. Pinaki Roy
Assistant Professor

Dr. Dola Chakraborty
Assistant Professor

Dr. Saradee Sengupta
Assistant Professor

Pritha Goswami
Assistant Professor

Dr. Debarati Mukherjee
Assistant Professor

Dr. Proloy Ganguly
Assistant Professor

Dr. Sujoy Dasgupta
Assistant Professor

Dr. Subhankar Dastidar
Part Time Teacher