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Department of Zoology



The Department of Zoology is functioning since 1984. This Department offers undergraduate courses in Zoology Honours and Program (CBCS pattern). The Department is situated in a separate building, namely, PG Building (Pran-O-Paribesh Bhawan). The Department is presently poised nicely with a perfect blend of experienced and young faculty members. Presently the Department is functioning with seven full time and two part time faculty members, with one supporting non-teaching staff and one casual staff. The Department has a rich collection of text and reference books as a seminar library (with 511 books). The seminar library is truly beneficial for the students as they can regularly issue books for their study. The department has two practical laboratory and two lecture rooms. The Department is equipped with modern aids of teaching which includes laptop computers and Power Point Projectors. The Department is having a well decorated specimen display room with more than 100 specimens for identification purpose. Apart from this the Department offers cyber facility toward both the faculty members as well as the students and moreover this Department offers a homely atmosphere to the students. The students of this Department regularly participate in seminars and workshops in other Colleges/ Universities under the active guidance of faculty members of the Department. They spontaneously participate in college exhibition and other extracurricular activities like sports NCC and NSS. Most of the Honours Graduates of this Department get admitted in leading Universities like JNU, BHU, University of Calcutta, University of Burdwan, Presidency University, Visva-Bharati University and so on.

Courses: The Department offers undergraduate honours course, undergraduate program and undergraduate generic course. Curriculum and syllabus of these courses is under CBCS with the affilation of Kazi Nazrul University, Asansol.

Resources: The department has a seminar library (in addition to the college library) with around 500 books of bioscience. The seminar library is very important for the students; they borrow books for their study at home and may read book at the Department for their further reference. The Department has two practical laboratory rooms equipped with required instruments at undergraduate level. Digital Balance, Compound Microscopes, Spectroscope, Microtome, Sohxlet Apparatus, TLC Apparatus, Centrifuge and other instruments are regularly used in the department. The department has Power Point Projector, Overhead Projector, different charts, and models of different organisms. The Department has a fully functional specimen display room. The Department also has computer, printer and internet facilities

Some recent events organized by the department:

Seminar on “Nooks and perils of wild life conservation” dated 10.10.2018.

Seminar on “Documentation of Wild life through photography” dated 15.02.2017.

Seminar on “Vulture conservation” dated 25.01.2017.

DST-Government of West Bengal sponsored national seminar (26-27 March 2019) on "Contemporary Era of Sciences: Biological and Chemical Interface" organized by Departments of Botany, Chemistry, Conservation Biology and Zoology.

Faculty members


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Dr. Sudipta Das
Associate Professor and Head

Dr. Rolly Shukla Roy
Assistant Professor

Somnath Dhali
Assistant Professor

Dr. Kuntal Bhattacharya
Assistant Professor

Saumabha Chatterjee
Assistant Professor

Sumana Dutta
Assistant Professor

Runa Das
Part Time Teacher