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Department of Philosophy



Department of Philosophy, Durgapur Government College, started its journey in the year 1970 and was affiliated under University of Burdwan.  The session (2015-16) witnessed a change since Durgapur Government College was the only Government College which became affiliated Kazi Nazrul University, Asansol. Department of philosophy conducts all necessary functions as per rules and regulations prescribed by Kazi Nazrul University. The first session (2015-16) had their university exams as per the guidelines provided by Kazi Nazrul University, under CBCS system. This department tries to guide students not only for pursing the academic aspect, but also put in real endeavor to guide them in understanding and implementing the higher objectives of life. This department combines and pays equal respect to all the different types of philosophical, religious, sociological and ethical values, which mankind in general should abide with in order to enhance the quality of living. These aspects of knowledge help the students to develop a synchronized form of both reason and experience so that they can build a pragmatic outlook towards life. It offers courses for Honors, Program and Generic courses under the CBCS system KNU. This department presently comprises of three faculty members and a rolling strength of about 190 students in average every year for Honors and Generic course.The department provides a rich resource of books for students from its departmental seminar library. Apart from this, students may borrow books and refer to e-books from central library as well. There are special initiatives taken by the department for student benefit like; innovative learning methods, special lectures by visiting faculty members, awareness program, and orientation program etc.

Courses: The Department offers undergraduate honours course, undergraduate program and undergraduate generic course in Philosophy. Curriculum and syllabus of these courses is under CBCS with the affilation of Kazi Nazrul University, Asansol.

Resources: Total 235 books (Reference and Text Books) are present in the seminar library of the department. Teachers and students can borrow text as well as reference books.In Charge: Sri Sujoy Gayen. Faculty members can access internet facilities available in the department, Principal's Office and Library. Students can access computers only in Central Library. 

Other Initiatives: The department organizes orientation programs for first year students(Hons). External experts deliver special lectures arranged by the department. Open-house discussions are also arranged by the Department.

Some events organized by the Department:

Seminar dated 06.02.2017(Departmental level) Topic: "The value of education in the Sutrakara period"

Exhibition: Students participate in the College Annual Exhibition where they take up relevant social issues and relate it with Philosophical analysis: The theme of the Annual exhibition  was Humanism and Respect of Woman in Society respectively in 2016 and 2017.

Discussion Meeting dated 03.01.2017; Topic: "Education and its value"

Special Lectures dated 06.12.2016 and 21.01.2017; Topic: "The Ethics of the Srimadbhagavadita: with special reference to the concept of Niskāmakarma and Sthitaprajñā. Associate Professor (Retd),Prof. Abhik Banerjee, Scottish Church College. Delivered Special lectures on St.Augustine and St.Anselm.


Faculty members

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Dr. Bhumika Kanjilal
Assistant Professor and Head

Dr. Shalmoli Palit
Assistant Professor

Sujoy Gayen
Assistant Professor