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Department of History



The Department of History, which began its journey in 1970-71 academic year, is one of the fourteen under-graduate departments of the college to impart education among the students of Durgapur and adjoining areas. The department is one of the largest departments of the college in terms of number of applicants every year. The department takes two-pronged approaches to improve the academic environ: (a) The regular method of imparting knowledge within the curricular framework is substantiated by (b) occasional visits to the places of historical interest. The conventional way of ‘chalk and talk’ method is adopted in the lecture halls to introduce the subject to the students. However, in recent times efforts to introduce modern methods like use of laptop and LCD projectorfor audio-visual delivery have been adopted.Beyond the curriculum, the department takes lead in organizing educational tours for the faculty and the students. These tours strengthen the bonding between the students and faculty members beyond the usual confines of the college campus. The departmental students actively take part in the intra-college annual exhibition, where they showcase a historical era, event, place or personality, thereby improving their understanding of history. The departmental library is revamped to suit the purpose of the students.

The departmental teachers have taken the challenge of teaching very newer areas of studies hitherto not found in UG courses but introduced by the new CBCS syllabus, by engaging the students with PPT presentations of certain topics on a regular basis. Besides the chalk and talk method, students are encouraged to take part in study tours to nearby museums or places of historical importance to make studies more meaningful and improve the teacher-student relationship. The last study tour was done in the Indian Museum, Kolkata, in November, 2017.

Courses: The Department offers undergraduate honours course, undergraduate program and undergraduate generic course. Curriculum and syllabus of these courses is under CBCS with the affilation of Kazi Nazrul University, Asansol.

Resources: History Seminar Library has a collection of 551 books in Bengali and English with over 300 titles.  HSL has been refurbished in 2016-17 to cater to the students and a comprehensive assessment of the stock of the library was done on 05.05.2017. Dr.Arpita Bose is in charge of the History Seminar Library from 09.06.2015.

Special Lectures, study tours and other events organized by the department: Click to view

Saswati Chakraborty
Associate Professor

Dr. Nandini Jana
Associate Professor

Saubhik Bandyopadhyay
Associate Professor and Head

Kamalica Mukherjee
Assistant Professor