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(Previously the Committee for Gender Sensitization and Prevention against Sexual Harassment at Workplace)


Presiding Officer: Dr. Snigdha Chandra, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Durgapur Government College

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The Committee for Gender Sensitization and Prevention against Sexual Harassment at Workplace came into being in Durgapur Government College a decade ago, on November, 2006, in compliance to the guidelines on sexual harassment prevention in the workplace, issued by the Honourable Supreme Court of India in 1997. It was then called the Cell for Gender Sensitization and Sexual Harassment Protection. Its primary objective was sensitization and creation of awareness about gender justice among the academic and non-academic community in this educational institution. From the day of its inception, the cell was very active in its stated purpose. The members emphasised upon conducting regular campaigns and workshops among students to make them aware of the evils of gender discrimination and the ways to alleviate them so as to create a balanced and equitable working environment for all. Along with this, the cell had often organized seminars, and interactive sessions with eminent speakers and activists in the past. While such programmes saw a large number of attendees both from the teaching and student community, sometimes students became active participants when they made posters for competition or for exhibition, or worked as student volunteers. The members of the said cell had also propagated their ideas through the Notice Board of the said cell. Presently, the cell has been going through a phase of reconstitution necessitated by the guidelines called Saksham, issued by the UGC as measures for ensuring the safety of women and programmes for gender sensitization on campuses. It pledges to carry forward with its goal of gender sensitization through more workshops, and interactive sessions, putting up a wall magazine by students and organizing self-defence workshops for girl students. Since 2018, the cell has been reframed as the "Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)" strictly under the prescribed guidelines.

Activities of the cell (in brief)





Workshop organized in the college campus for creating awareness among the students about gender discrimination and sexual harassment. 

Members of the cell participated in gender sensitization and implementation of supreme court guidelines and workshops organized by Jadavpur University & Durgapur Women’s College.



State level seminar on ‘BiponnoNari: Pratibaad O Protirodh’ ( Endangered Women: Protests & Preventions) was organized by the cell

State level UGC sponsored workshop on ‘Equality-Inequality in India: Through the lens of Gender’ was organized by the cell members.

The cell took an initiative to organize an interactive session with the students by SANHITA, an NGO, on the topic of ‘Reproductive Health of Women’

Members of cell participated in seminar on ‘Women and Law’ at Jadavpur University and in conference on ‘Renegotiating Intimacies: Marriage, Sexualities and Living Practices’ organized in Rabindra Bharati University


Cell members along with student volunteers participated in the Annual Exhibition of the College by organizing a display of awareness literatures. The Cell also conducted a survey among its visitors on sexual harassment

2012 & 2013

Postering in campus protesting and condemning the brutal gang rape and murder of Nirbhaya at New Delhi in December, 2012. Special gathering was organized on 08.01.2013 in view of the rising atrocities against women throughout the country



A lecture cum interactive session on “Gendering and its Remedies” with eminent  social activist Prof. Saswati  Ghosh was organized on 16.01.2013 within the college premises

Postering was done to commemorate 8th March, the International Women’s Day. Poster competition among students of the college to mark the International Women’s Day

A lecture cum interactive programme by members of the cell on the topic of "Gender Sensitization" was conducted. Cell members conducted a small survey on women empowerment at the NGO, P.C. Roy Institute of Entrepreneurship Development and published their findings on the college journal COMMUNIQUE, on its March, 2014 issue.

An awareness programme on Female Foeticide was organized by the cell in collaboration with a Govt. registered NGO SPEED, Burdwan.

2013 & 2014

Displays on the Notice Board regarding the objectives of the cell and the Vishakha Guidelines, Gender Equality and International Women’s Day.



Displays on the Notice Board featured an obituary on Prof. Jasodhara Bagchi, one of the pioneers on women’s rights in Bengal, the salient features of the Saksham Report of UGC and on International Women’s Day.

A poster exhibition by student volunteers from the department of Chemistry on Acid Attack on women and its Remedies was put up as part of the Annual Exhibition in the college premises.



A seminar widely participated by the students, teachers and staffs of the college was organized by the cell to uphold the rights of women on the International Women’s Day

Members of the cell carried on a class campaign building awareness on gender sensitization among students of their respective departments.


A discussion meeting cum workshop organized by the cell for female students to explain the importance of personal hygiene and proper use of sanitary napkin vending machines installed in the college campus



Lectures organized by the members of the cell to uphold the rights of women on the International Women’s Day

Interactive lectures organized for female students in association with representatives of Procter and Gamble to discuss the issues of personal hygiene

Members of the cell carried on a class campaign building awareness on gender sensitization among students of their respective departments.

Members of the cell carried on awareness campaign on gender sensitization among faculty members and staff

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