Assessed & Accredited by the NAAC with A Grade [CGPA=3.02]

About Durgapur Govertment College

Durgapur Government College stood out at the time of its inception in being the only government college serving the intellectual needs of a whole generation of young learners from Burdwan, now Bardhaman, Bankura, Birbhum and Purulia.

Despite experiencing overwhelming changes, the institution continues to stand out as a distinguished house of learning, nurturing positive qualities of both students and staff.

Such an inclusive vision ensures that the college strives to bring out different types of talents from all sectors of society besides the core academic ones.

Dynamism and dedication are the hallmarks of this institution and there is a strong bonding between students, teachers and members of staff of the college


For Durgapur Government College it is always a forward march to success.

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