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Two Best Practices of Durgapur Government College

Deep Jwele Jai: Social Activities of NSS

I. Goal:

To sensitize the stakeholders towards their social responsibilities 

To ensure exposure of students to lifestyles of people hailing from diverse socio-economic cultural background. 

To overcome the self-centric attitude of students hailing especially mostly from nuclear families

II. The Context

NSS activities are selected keeping in mind the Urban-rural admixture of the population of Durgapur to make the illiterate/semi-literate/underprivileged/tribal community people (present in large numbers in Durgapur) aware of the demands of society at the state/national level and reap the benefits of the facilities offered by the state/nation. For example, NSS helps the people of the two adopted villages to acquire AADHAR card, PAN Card and open bank accounts. NSS works to widen their horizon and to include them in main stream activities.       

III. The Practice

NSS Unit had been active since the inception of the college. The first NSS camp was organized in 1970 with 100 male students. The village “Nadiha” was adopted by NSS in 1970. This practice has continued uninterrupted through all these years. 
NSS participates in a wide range of activities at the college and regional level. These range from cleanliness programmes conducted not only in the college but also in the two adopted villages to organization of literacy campaigns/blood group checking/ special camps/surveys/rallies/observance of important days/ seminars/ cultural programmes/awareness campaigns/exhibition. 

IV. Evidence of Success

•Ex-NSS Volunteers of Durgapur Government College remain in touch with the NSS unit of the college

•Different villages are adopted by the NSS unit with a target of achieving cleanliness, literacy and awareness. When it is felt that there has been an overall upgradation of the village, the NSS members opt for adopting a new village in need of upgradation 

V. Problems Encountered and Resources Required

•Students of Lab based subjects find it difficult to regularly participate in NSS activities
•Motivating the students to participate in NSS activities is a challenge 

The Buds Bloom : Annual Exhibitions of the college

Goal of practice is to achieve capacity building through exploration of students’ organizational skills, talent, communication skills, confidence building, development of team spirit, scientific approach, research aptitude in data collection and presentation. 
II.The Context
•Events like Exhibitions, sports, fest are always scheduled in December-January when the weather in Durgapur is perfect for the organisation of such programmes. These not only help in distressing but also promote cohesion among the stakeholders. This positive spirit and enthusiasm is carried forward to the following year
III.The Practice
•Every year, exhibition is organized by the institution. All the 16 departments & NSS, NCC, and Cell for Gender Sensitization participate in the exhibition. Students' Union actively participates in the exhibition, provides fund for the prizes and decoration and helps the college to regulate the crowd of visitors. Selection of theme reflects the aspects of Indian culture and highlights contemporary social, political, economic and environmental issues.

IV.Evidence of Success
•The major skills such as a sense of proportion, an eye to observe details, a sense of colour, creative faculty required to prepare accurate models are nurtured during the making of models displayed at the college level. This has helped the students to win recognition and win prizes in different competitions
The practice helps in cultivating the team spirit and unity among the students. Failure and success is faced collectively by the students. The practice of working in teams helps in formation of groups representing the college  elsewhere. As a result, hardly any problems are faced in forming teams for curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. 
•Organizational skills acquired at a smaller level yield important fruit at events requiring exercise of these skills on a much larger scale. The annual Fest is a students’ programme, is organized meticulously by the Students’ Union. This event is considered to be of very challenging as it involves contacting and bringing in artists of repute from outside, issuing gate passes for visitors from outside and regulating the movement the crowd within a huge college campus. The college is proud to state that no untoward incident has occurred till date. Further, in such an electrified ambience, restraint and discipline are so far been unfailingly maintained by the students. Assistance of the local police station is received at the entry point of the college.

V.Problems Encountered and Resources Required
•Lack of funds to implement all that is planned for the exhibition
•Lack of technological support restricts the full-fledged presentation of the topic as desired by the students
•Lack of proper equipment to prepare more sophisticated models