Assessed & Accredited by the NAAC with A Grade [CGPA=3.02]

Teachers' Council Sub-Committee

Chairperson,Teachers' Council: Dr. Purushottam Pramanik, Principal, Durgapur Government College

Secretary, Teachers' Council (2019-2020): Dr. Tuhin Ghosh, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Durgapur Government College

Canteen Sub-Committee for the academic session 2019-2020

Bikas Saha, Assistant Professor of Geology (Jt. Convener)
Chitra Roy, Assistant Professor of Political Science (Jt. Convener)
Dr. Arup Kumar Ghosh, Associate Professor of Chemistry (Member)
Dr. Prabal Kumar Chattopadhyay, Assistant Professor of Geology (Member)
Dr. Roli Shukla Roy, Assistant Professor of Zoology (Member)
Dr. Bankim Chandra Ghosh, Assistant Professor of Chemistry (Member)
Sudeep Kumar Das, Assistant Professor of Physics (Member)
Assigned Responsibilities
To monitor the functioning of the college canteen along with assessment of food quality on a periodic basis.