Assessed & Accredited by the NAAC with A Grade [CGPA=3.02]

Teachers' Council Sub-Committee

Chairperson,Teachers' Council: Dr. Purushottam Pramanik, Principal, Durgapur Government College

Secretary, Teachers' Council (2019-2020): Dr. Tuhin Ghosh, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Durgapur Government College

Students'welfare and Discipline Monitoring Sub-Committee for the academic session 2019-2020


Dr. Sudipta Das, Associate Professor of Zoology (Jt. Convener)         

Dr. Devika Bose, Associate Professor of English (Jt. Convener)          

Dr. Priyabrata Bhattacharya, Associate Professor of Chemistry (Member)   

Ashis Kumar Mukhopadhyay, Associate Professor of Commerce (Member)

Dr. Samapti Saha, Associate Professor of Economics, (Member)

Dr. Shalmoli Palit, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, (Member)       

Dhananjoy Das, Assistant Professor of Bengali, (Member)

Dr. Saradee Sengupta, Assistant Professor of Geology, (Member)

Assigned Responsibilities

1.       To ensure general and specific well-being of the students in the college and help them overcome their academic, social and personal hindrances.

2.       To maintain a disciplined college atmosphere & other matters