Assessed & Accredited by the NAAC with A Grade [CGPA=3.02]

Teachers' Council Sub-Committee

Chairperson,Teachers' Council: Dr. Purushottam Pramanik, Principal, Durgapur Government College

Secretary, Teachers' Council (2019-2020): Dr. Tuhin Ghosh, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Durgapur Government College

Library Development Sub-Committee for the academic session 2019-2020

Abu Sayeed, Librarian (Senior Grade) (Convener)            

Dr. Prabir Dasgupta,Associate Professor of Geology (Member) 

Amitava Samanta, Associate Professor of Mathematics (Member)          

Dr. Saswati Chakraborty, Associate Professor of History (Member)

Manjari Ghosh, Associate Professor of English (Member)            

Sanjoy Kumar Roy, Associate Professor of Commerce (Member)

Dr. Avijit Mandal, Assistant Professor of Economics (Member)

Dr. Bhumika Kanjilal, Assistant Professor of Philosophy (Member)

Dr. Debamitra Dey, Assistant Professor of Sanskrit (Member)    

Dr. Somnath Bhattacharya, Assistant Professor of Physics (Member)     

Somenath Dhali, Assistant Professor of Zoology (Member)

Deep Banerjee, Assistant Professor of Commerce (Member)


Assigned Responsibilities

1.            Framing library rules and sending them for approval to the Principal

2.            Receiving and analyzing feedback from library users

3.            Preparing documents related to the purchase of books, e-journals, Journals, etc

4.            Organizing awareness program to highlight the library facilities available to the readers

5.            Ensuring proper preservation of old books and rare manuscripts (if any)

6.            Ensuring information deployment in the library notice board and library web-page

7.            Providing instructions to library staff to ensure a proper mechanism for use of computer facilities available in the library

8.            Providing suggestions related to the improvement of library facilities as and when required & other matters